Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Coldplay Coincidence

Saturday. Chris Martin woke me up with his singing which is an unusual occurrence seeing that he was neither with me in my bed or on the radio (which was not on). Still, Vida la Vida was playing somewhere in the back of my mind while I dreamt and was playing loud enough to awake me. 

I stumbled out of my bed in my usual Saturday morning routine and made my way downstairs to get the paper, feed the cats and make coffee - it is a sad telling of age that there is so formal a routine. I fear that were I to veer from this well worn path the day would never begin - though this is another story of neurosis for another time.  I still couldn't explain why Chris Martin woke me in such a manner. 

Normally, after the out-of-the-bed-stumble, I turn on the radio first thing (as I alluded, my life is a routine).  On this particular morning i was fairly eager to test out my theory that the song must be playing on the radio - one of those chance moment that always happen and are the beginnings to those small stories that end with " That's so freaky".

So I turned on the radio. It had been tuned to the MIX - a station seemingly devoted to the playing of Coldplay and bands that sound like Coldplay. My wife listens to this station. I do by default and when I want to hear Coldplay. 

To my surprise they were not playing Viva la Vida or any other of the group's songs. I thought of calling the station to ask what was wrong but I had a cat mewing for food at my ankle. 

Undeterred I immediately turned the radio dial and tuned in another station. CBC Radio 1. Public radio. My station. The station that never plays Coldplay and never would unless they  were Canadian and probably still wouldn't out of spite toward their popularity. It would be a perfect psychic coincidence moment if they were to play the song and it would be better served by having the irony of being played on the CBC. What a morning it would be. 

No luck. No Coldplay. Just some song by Sergio Garcia. Perfect for the CBC. 

Truthfully I was a little disappointed. I really wanted to hear the song so I could arrive at work armed with a good story about coincidence and psychic possibilities that would end with "That was so freaky." 

I left my radio and my hopes of hearing more Chris Martin (remember he was in my head earlier) and went downstairs to clean the cat litter - my Saturday mornings just keep getting sexier I know. So I am downstairs scooping and half listening to the tail end of Sergio Garcias' esoteric opus when I hear the opening chords to:

Vida la Vida

On the CBC. 

After Chris Martin woke me up. 

That's so freaky. 

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Nothing a Beer Couldn't Solve

On Thursday he ate his lunch in the elevator.
It was that kind of day. 

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Post #100

There is a remarkable sadness
that comes when
seeing a
beautiful woman
in bad shoes.

Monday, July 7, 2008

A Memoir

I grew up in a family that was obsessively neutral about birthdays. Enthusiasm of any sort was duly squashed and put in it's rightful place.