Monday, July 30, 2007

Up Against the Wall and in a Hole with 1000 Knives

He had writer's block but that was the least of his problems. He awoke that Monday morning and attempted to look for the right metaphor - The one he had lost earlier.

It was a lost cause.

Until later in the day when he found it underneath the morning paper in the kitchen.

It read:
"He was a fish trapped in a barrel. "

Sadness fell upon him when he realised that he was lost.
He was just all mixed up.

Another View

"Touch your toes." he said.
"But why?" she said.
"There are things I want to see." he said.
"Another view of you."
"What will you do with it?" she said.
"Indulge." he said.
"Very well." she said.

"What do you see?" she said.
"Aaah" he said.